Our Services - NexGen Professional Surveying Services

NexGen Surveying, LLC. provides a range of services to suit any land surveying need!

Mortgage Surveys

To determine which buildings and structures are on your property, let NexGen Surveying provide you with an extremely fast, high-quality survey! Mortgage Surveys are also used to establish whether or not your property encroaches onto a neighboring property, or vice-versa.

Elevation Certificates

Our engineers and surveyors prepare Flood Elevation Certificates that provide data to help properly assess properties for flood insurance. Our certificates will allow you to determine where your home is in relation to the Base Flood Elevation and obtaining one is always wise if your property lies in a flood zone.

ALTA Surveys

Our "American Land Title Association" surveys meet the ALTA specifications and requirements. The data that we collect includes boundary lines, location of main building, all ancillary buildings, and the identification of easements (like water, gas, telephone, and other utilities).